Profitez-en, après celui là c'est fini


Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.
Those who can’t teach, teach gym.
Those who can’t teach gym, teach arts.
I teach arts.

Jean-Noël Lafargue (让-诺埃尔·拉法格), b.1968, non-graduated former student of Paris fine art school, adjunct lecturer (« maître de conférences associé ») at Paris 8 University, arts professor in Le Havre art school, workshops in Pau, Angoulême, Rennes, Ensci. Formerly teacher in Amiens arts & design school and e-artsup Paris. Lame english writer. Author or programmer for a dozen of cd-roms. Not a real artist but doesn’t use very much his comb though. Teacher and programmer for pleasure, no serious job, then. Often works with artists such as Claude Closky and Jean-Louis Boissier.

Author of the (french speaking) website Scientists of America and of a few books about Processing Language (with Jean-Michel Geridan), comic book history and the End of the world.
Most of my writing pieces are listed on the publications page.

You can write to me there : jnlafargue (_at_) gmail (_dot_) com